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Crazy Is As Crazy Does

15 May

Say “hello” to my newest creation, the world’s smallest journal! Or tiny journal or microscopic journal or a journal that’s slightly smaller than a finger nail. Either way, its my new favorite thing to make! Which could be a sign that I’m losing my mind or that I’m a genius… but that’s not what’s important. What is important is that I do have a plan for these little buggers and that is to make earrings out of them. I’ve already made a few pairs and I think I’m in love. Hopefully there are some fellow book nerds left in the world because lets face it, an e-reader would not look nearly as awesome hanging from your ear.


Recaps and The Spring Soiree

4 May

Mini Journals.
I love them.
I also hate them.

This past Saturday was the Craftstravagnza. The weather was absolutely horrible. At one point I was crossing the street with an inverted umbrella, carrying crutches and being drowned in a down pour of freezing cold rain. Not to mention my dreads had fallen out of their pony tail and were attacking my face quite mercilessly. A young man saw me and simply laughed. That’s about all you can do sometimes.
However, I have to say that this was by far the funnest show I had ever participated in. The people there were amazing! My mom comes along to shows to help me out and we sometimes get looks from disapproving neighbors and shoppers with our sarcastic humor and loud laughing but not at this show. People joined in on the fun and you would never have known that the weather was trying to kill us all.
I also had the two most wonderful and talented neighbors next to me.
Green Cricket Salvage and Zoss Design were on either side of me and we spent the day laughing and talking between the rushes of shoppers.
I already cannot wait for next year!

Oh, so why do I both love and hate mini journals? Well, I love them because out the 50 items I sold at Craftstravaganza, over half of them were mini journals. Not to mention, they always seem to bring a smile to people’s faces when finding something so small yet completely functional. Why do I hate them? Because they take longer to make than anything else I create. If I don’t get some crippling hand disease it will be a miracle. Oh well, every artist must suffer a little bit, right? 😉

This weekend is the Spring Soiree put on by Design Vertigo in North St. Paul. It will be a chance for you to go out and enjoy the (hopefully) nice spring weather while supporting local shops and artists. Not to mention that The Historical Society will be having their annual plant sale! If you’re looking for something to do then definitely check this event out! I’ll be there selling my work in the Design Vertigo parking lot with other local artists.

That’s pretty much it here on the home front. Since this blog is severely lacking in photo department, I’ll leave you with this…

I think I’m going to do a contest in the near future where I’ll shove a bunch of mini journals in a jar and whoever guesses the correct amount wins a regular sized journal.

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