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Search Word of the Day

29 Oct

So I have decided that I am going to start each of my blogs with a simple feature called “search word of the day” (if you have a more creative title, please feel free to share!)

Google has a great feature called Google Analytics which basically tells you how many visits you get to your site each day and how people got to your site. My favorite thing to do is read all the rather strange searches people enter into google and that somehow leads them to my Etsy store.

So today’s search word of the day is:

“can i use a silver plated spoon to make a spoon ring?”

Honestly? I wouldn’t know.


Revamping the blog for the holiday season!

10 Oct

Hello to the few, the proud, the dedicated… my wonderful readers!

The holiday season is fast upon us. Despite my inner protests to having anything Christmas related up before the day after Thanksgiving, I found myself wandering through the Christmas section at Kohl’s today and it actually did get me in the creative spirit. Which is good considering I have two craft shows the week before Thanksgiving and business in Etsy land is steadily picking up.

I recently became a member of the HandmadeMN team on Etsy which has been a huge source of encouragement and info related to living and working in the handmade world.

I guess that’s it for now. Just wanted to get a post up so people know that I didn’t die and I plan to keep you all much more updated with what is going on with Wayfaring Art. I’ll leave you with a photo of my current favorite journal:

Roadsinger came to town, long cape and hat,
People stood and stared then closed their doors, as he passed,
He strolled the empty street, kids banged on tin cans,
Then the panting dogs began to bark, as the Roadsinger sang

-Yusef Islam

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