That woman she’s got eyes that shine…

12 Jul

Last night I saw The Avett Brothers and while the show was amazing as theirs always are, it was my first time seeing them since they got signed to a major label and it was very sad to see just how popular they have become in the past year. The last time I saw them was at a dive bar in Minneapolis with my one time best friend and I seeing them live again just brought me back to the times spent with him. So while it was a beautiful show and left me feeling inspired the underlying tone was filled with bittersweet memories. But it was good and it was exactly what I needed. It gave me an odd sense of closure and hope… something that sometimes only music can do.

In related news, I am in the market for a traveling partner. If interested, please fill out an application 😉 You cannot be afraid of doing stupid and often times dangerous things… there is no pussy footing here…

So last week I headed north. I had been meaning to do this for quite some time but haven’t had the chance due to an insane work schedule. Now that the insane work schedule has been removed from my life and I am now self employed I can do things… like go to north. I was originally able to sucker Wolf into going with me but due to a lack of funds I ended up flying solo on this journey. Its always nice to just venture off on your own for awhile but I have done that enough lately and hopefully next time I’ll be able to rope somebody into going with me.

The road work was quite bad heading into and all through Duluth so I took back-roads and after spending all of ten minutes in the harbor I took off for my beloved Palisade Head. I stopped at Silver Creek along the way but it just isn’t the same without Nick. Not to mention it was unusually warm that day and the bugs were horrible. Last time I went to Silver Creek there were dead deer and animal body parts and bones everywhere but not so much this time so that was nice… I don’t mind dead animals (they make for good photos) but I am still haunted by the smell that followed me hours after leaving the creek.

Next I got to go home after being away for nearly three months. I call Palisade my home because well… it is. Its where my heart is and its always where I feel most at peace. Being there has just done some really good things in my life. So I hiked/climbed far away from all the tourists who like to just stay behind the wall keeping you safe from falling to your death (what fun is that?) and found a nice little cliff to just sit on and take it all in. This was probably the first time I retreated to Palisade where I wasn’t in a state of utter hopelessness and depression so it was nice to just sit there content and listen to the wind and water colliding.

Perhaps my greatest discovery while sitting there was the wild blueberry plants! I had seen them before but it never occurred to me that they were blueberries. So I spent a couple of hours picking blueberries 1,000 feet above lake superior before I got over heated and thought for sure I was going to fall off a cliff and die.

(When I got home I used all the blueberries I had picked and made AMAZING blueberry breakfast bread.)

Unfortunately, I had a major headache the rest of my time up north from my blueberry obsession so I just kind of laid low and spent most of my time on various beaches picking rocks, reading, writing and just looking out into the lake thinking about all sorts of random things.

The one fun thing I bought for myself were two books… one about wild fruits and berries found in Minnesota, Wisconsin and Michigan and the other was about rocks found along the North shore.

Yes, I fully realize that this makes me a nerd. And now I have an undeniable urge to just wonder off into the woods for a few days and see what plants I can find to sustain me. Crazy? Of course. But lets be honest, you all love me for it.

I think thats it for now. I do have lots more stories including some thoughts on society that more or less slapped me in the face while I was up there but I guess you’ll just have to hang out with me to hear that. Or even better… go with me and experience it for yourself…

When nothing is owed or deserved or expected
And your life doesn’t change by the man that’s elected
If you’re loved by someone, you’re never rejected
Decide what to be and go be it.

-The Avett Brothers


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