Playing shop

4 Jul

This weekend I discovered perhaps the greatest thing about being self employed… working weekends isn’t bad at all because you don’t have to to worry about clothes, makeup or even showering for that matter…umm…

Anyways, So this weekend I have been working like crazy in order to get as much done before I take off for Lake Superior nice and early tomorrow morning. I’ve made five small journals, two large journals and a few journal pendants. Which really isn’t bad considering I’m just getting into the swing of things again.

I even decided to get out one of my display pieces for when I start doing art/craft shows and play around a little…

See that little bookshelf thing under the ugly cork-board thing? Yep. That’s part one of my little shop. I’m probably far more excited for it than I should be but that’s ok.

In fact, I’m so excited, here’s another view…

See? fun.

And one more just for the heck of it…


Also, for the curious… I did not make the drum sitting next to the bookshelf. However, once the gourds that I’m currently growing in my garden ripen up I shall be making various African inspired instruments so be on the lookout for that madness!

I guess that’s it for now… back to work. Expect some photos and tales from north later in the week.


Listen to the wind blow over the branches
Listen to waves crash on the shore
I don’t have the big plan, just small glances
And every now and then I’m still unsure

-Children 18:3


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